Legal Advice

Due to the proven track record and profound knowledge of our attorneys we are able to advise in all legal matters. We prepare risk assessments, which will serve you as a sound basis for your decision making. We draft bespoke agreements and contracts, assist you in the negotiation process or do the negotiations on your behalf.

We are also able to assume permanent mandates such as the legal counsel function of your company, organisation or association.

Legal Representation and Litigation

In case of disputes we examine the possibilities of an amicable settlement and analyse the prospects of success of a possible law suit. We advise and represent you in civil and public law litigation. We also do criminal litigation if in connection with a commercial or public law background. We are able to represent you in all civil-, criminal- and administrative courts in Switzerland as well as before all authorities, tribunals of arbitration and mediation bodies. We cover the following fields of mediation: Corporate and Business; Administration and Environment; Associations; Inheritance and Neighbourhood.


We provide notary services in the cantons of Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft and Solothurn. The services cover all notarial deeds regarding real estate, incorporation of companies, restructuring, capital increase and other company law aspects as well as matrimonial and testamentary contracts. Further, we can offer notarial deeds pursuant to German Law.

Assumption of Mandates

Due to our profound expertise in the field corporate and business law we are able to assume a board membership or directorship in your company, organisation or association.

Legal Opinions

We draft opinions on all legal aspects under Swiss law, assess business concepts and prepare concepts of quality assurance.

Business Law

We draft your contracts with clients, suppliers, business partners, employees, etc. and offer support in case conflicts and discussions with opponent parties.

Corporate Law

We can assist you with the incorporation of your company (start-up), with Mergers and Acquisitions (incl. due diligence), with demergers and restructuring, with Joint Ventures and cooperation of all kind. We further take care of all your legal questions related to your enterprise.

Public Law

We advise and represent individuals, corporations, communities and public authorities in all aspects of constitutional and administrative law, including public employment law.

Environmental Law

In this area that becomes more and more important we offer our services to public authorities, corporations and individuals in all aspects of compliance. We offer our assistance in complex projects of cleaning up hazardous waste sites.

Inheritance Law

We assist you in succession planning issues and draft your last will or testamentary contracts in a notarial deed. You can rely on our expertise in the distribution and settlement of estates. We are happy to take over the mandate as executor or administrator of your will or liquidator of estates.

Family Law

We draft your matrimonial contract in a notarial deed. We advise and represent you in drafting separation or divorce agreements as well as in respective court procedures.

Property and Construction Law

We support and advise you in private and public aspects of property and construction law. We help you with the development of real estate (incl. condominium). Further, we have in depth expertise in dealing with construction defects.


We advise individuals and corporate clients as well as institutions in all aspects of taxation law, including national and international tax planning, if necessary in cooperation with our colleagues in other jurisdictions. We represent you in all procedures with tax courts and tax authorities in Switzerland.